.NET?Core?Web?APi类库内嵌运行的方法(.net core 类库之间的依赖)没想到

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/// <summary>
/// Populates the given <paramref name=”feature”/> using the list of
/// <see cref=”IApplicationFeatureProvider{TFeature}”/>s configured on the
/// <see cref=”ApplicationPartManager”/>.
/// </summary>
/// <typeparam name=”TFeature”>The type of the feature.</typeparam>
/// <param name=”feature”>The feature instance to populate.</param>
public void PopulateFeature<TFeature>(TFeature feature)
if (feature==null)
throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(feature));

foreach (var provider in FeatureProviders.OfType<IApplicationFeatureProvider<TFeature>>())
provider.PopulateFeature(ApplicationParts, feature);

internal void PopulateDefaultParts(string entryAssemblyName)
var assemblies=GetApplicationPartAssemblies(entryAssemblyName);

var seenAssemblies=new HashSet<Assembly>();

foreach (var assembly in assemblies)
if (!seenAssemblies.Add(assembly))
// “assemblies” may contain duplicate values, but we want unique ApplicationPart instances.
// Note that we prefer using a HashSet over Distinct since the latter isn’t
// guaranteed to preserve the original ordering.

var partFactory=ApplicationPartFactory.GetApplicationPartFactory(assembly);
foreach (var applicationPart in partFactory.GetApplicationParts(assembly))

private static IEnumerable<Assembly> GetApplicationPartAssemblies(string entryAssemblyName)
var entryAssembly=Assembly.Load(new AssemblyName(entryAssemblyName));

// Use ApplicationPartAttribute to get the closure of direct or transitive dependencies
// that reference MVC.
var assembliesFromAttributes=entryAssembly.GetCustomAttributes<ApplicationPartAttribute>()
.Select(name=> Assembly.Load(name.AssemblyName))
.OrderBy(assembly=> assembly.FullName, StringComparer.Ordinal)

// The SDK will not include the entry assembly as an application part. We’ll explicitly list it
// and have it appear before all other assemblies \ ApplicationParts.
return GetAssemblyClosure(entryAssembly)

private static IEnumerable<Assembly> GetAssemblyClosure(Assembly assembly)
yield return assembly;

var relatedAssemblies=RelatedAssemblyAttribute.GetRelatedAssemblies(assembly, throwOnError: false)
.OrderBy(assembly=> assembly.FullName, StringComparer.Ordinal);

foreach (var relatedAssembly in relatedAssemblies)
yield return relatedAssembly;

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