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 Downloading Downloading Found PGP signature at: ‘’, but no GPG software exists to validate it, skipping. Installing RVM to /Users/echen1/.rvm/ Adding rvm PATH line to /Users/echen1/.profile /Users/echen1/.mkshrc /Users/echen1/.bashrc /Users/echen1/.zshrc. Adding rvm loading line to /Users/echen1/.profile /Users/echen1/.bash_profile /Users/echen1/.zlogin. Installation of RVM in /Users/echen1/.rvm/ is almost complete: * To start using RVM you need to run `source /Users/echen1/.rvm/scripts/rvm` in all your open shell windows, in rare cases you need to reopen all shell windows. * WARNING: ‘~/.profile’ file found. To load it into your shell, add the following line to ‘/Users/echen1/.bash_profile’:

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