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# cpanm -h

  -v,–verbose              Turns on chatty output

  -q,–quiet                Turns off the most output

  –interactive             开启交互配置(required for Task:: modules)

  -f,–force                强制安装

  -n,–notest               Do not run unit tests

  –test-only               只测试不安装

  -S,–sudo                 sudo to run install commands

  –installdeps             只安装依赖模块

  –showdeps                只显示依赖信息

  –reinstall               重新安装

  –mirror                  指定镜像url (e.g.

  –mirror-only             只从镜像下载

  –prompt                  Prompt when configure/build/test fails

  -l,–local-lib            Specify the install base to install modules

  -L,–local-lib-contained  Specify the install base to install all non-core modules

  –self-contained          Install all non-core modules, even if they’re already installed.

  –auto-cleanup            Number of days that cpanm’s work directories expire in. Defaults to 7


  cpanm Test::More                                          # install Test::More

  cpanm MIYAGAWA/Plack-0.99_05.tar.gz                       # full distribution path

  cpanm           # install from URL

  cpanm ~/dists/MyCompany-Enterprise-1.00.tar.gz            # install from a local file

  cpanm –interactive Task::Kensho                          # Configure interactively

  cpanm .                                                   # install from local directory

  cpanm –installdeps .                                     # install all the deps for the current directory

  cpanm -L extlib Plack                                     # install Plack and all non-core deps into extlib

  cpanm –mirror DBI           # use the fast-syncing mirror

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